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Can my baby face out in my NMP baby carrier?
No, none of the NMP line of baby carriers are designed for baby to face out. To enhance your curious child's line of vision, simply utilize the back carry position. The reasons I do not recommend forward facing positioning while wearing your baby are as follows. Facing your baby's body out exposes your child to stimualtion they cannot turn away from, while facing in gives them to choice to snuggle in next to you. Also if your child chooses to nap while being worn, while facing out they are put in an uncomfortable hanging position. The last reason is your comfort. In my experience, if you place your child's back to your front, it puts more pressure on your upper shoulders and back. 
Can I breastfeed wearing my NMP baby carrier?
Yes you can!  Simply lower the baby carrier to your lower waist, and secure.  You can then breastfeed your child while he/she is sitting in the carrier
Who can wear my NMP baby carrier?
One of the best benefits of the NMP line of baby carriers is their instant versitility.  With a simple knot or buckle adjustment, your baby carrier will easily fit all your child's caregivers.
My child has special needs, can I wear him/her in a NMP baby carrier?
There is a wide range of special needs that can be accomidated by a NMP baby carrier.  I recommend you speak to your Occupational Theripist about your interest in wearing your SN child.  Based upon their recommendations, I will work with you to create a carrier suited to your childs needs.
How do I wear my NMP baby carrier
Please refer to the How to use page for a wide range of positioning videos and written instructions.

I find the base is wide for my baby's seat.  Is this safe?

The base of the seat is approximately 12 inches and provides a wide seating area for your child to comfortably sit, rather than hang. 

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