Natural mother Productions


NMP Collection 
NMP Carriers feature a form fitting gently curving body panel for huggable, breathable fit
NMP uses 1 and 2 in premium nylon webbing 
Unique high density, foam core shoulder and waist straps. 
NMP developed strap and waist anchoring system for additional structural support
More examples are posted in the Natural Mother Productions chat group on Facebook. 
These carriers are available as Full customs 

NMP Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

Straight ladder lock straps with PFA's

Extending from 18 to 21inches

Padded, quilted waist

Lined body and strap anchors

Deep darted body for the perfect seat. 

15, 17 and 19in body sizes

Padded knee rests

Attached chest belt

Starting at $250.00

Carrier features Ruth's Handwovens Lakes and Mountains.

NMP Light 

Lightly structured SSC

Crossed back straps with PFAs

Lightly padded 4in waist

14,16 and 18in body sizes

Undarted body 

Lined body and strap anchors

Padded knee rests

Removable chest belt

Starting at $250.00

Carrier features a Waka Waka wovens

NMP Buckle Onbuhimo

Short, straight ladderlock straps with PFA's(14-17in adjustability)

16 and 18in wide by 21in undarted body for supportive fit

Strap anchors and body lined with 7oz twill

Attached chest belt

Optional hood

Waistless with elastic base for snug fit.

Starting at $220.00

Carrier features an Uppymama handwoven. 

NMP Mei Dai (Long straps) (85in)

Pleated, 1/2 padded or full 

padded to wrap straps

Waist with tie or rings

14, 16 and 18in body sizes

Padded knee rests

Starting at $200.00

 All NMP Carriers are handcrafted on a per order basis, with either your choice of wrap or instock selections. The carriers listed on this page are examples of the features available through NMP. The options are interchangeable via the design form found here